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The common causes of red tiny itchy bumps on your skin


Commonly, the red tiny itchy bumps on the skin might be an outcome of different allergies or skin conditions. These problems might begin to arise from the allergic reactions to fragrances or chemicals, skin diseases like psoriasis or dermatitis and insect bites. In order to identify the right type of treatment procedure you want, initially you have to find out the actual cause of those obstinate bumps as well as rashes. Below are some useful guidelines that can assist you to diagnose your condition:

  • The different products such as cosmetics, perfumes and soaps contain allergens. Even some food items might also cause allergic reactions, which lead to itchy bumps.
  • The tiny bumps on your skin might also be caused by acne excoriee, which is also called as picker’s acne. When the acne is scratched and squeezed, the scars and scrabs might grow and result in such condition.
  • Psoriasis might also cause flattened and small bumps, which direct to severe itching.
  • The foremost step to get rid of this itchy bump on your skin is to identify out what caused them in an initial place.

How to treat tiny itchy bumps?

The treatment procedure will usually depend on the cause of itching. People who suffer from dry skin, using a best moisturizer are required.


The oral antihistamines are common anti-allergy medication. They can be typically prescribed or buying online.

Dermatitis, eczema or hives

These are skin conditions might be suggested corticosteroid creams by the skin specialist. This cream can be applied to the skin directly to assist with itching and help to relieve tiny itchy bumps as soon as possible.

Fungal infections

This can be normally treated with antifungal treatment. Some of the topical treatments are including shampoos and creams. For extreme fungal infections, the doctor might prescribe oral medication. The Lamisil or Terbinafine is commonly used.

Stings and insect bites

The topical antihistamines can relieve tiny itchy bumps more effectively. To prevent such bites, you can simply use the insect repellant, keep fly screens and also keep the body fully covered with clothing.


For people who suffer from psoriasis or kidney failure, they might be suggested for alternative treatments, especially if there are reasons to prevent medication therapy. Instead of, phototherapy or light therapy is one such effective treatment method.

Amazing home remedies for getting rid of tiny itchy bumps

The following amazing home remedies might greatly support to minimize the tiny itchy bumps on the skin that includes:

  • You can use the best quality moisturizing cream on your skin as well as apply it minimum once or twice per day.
  • You can even apply the anti-itch cream like non-prescription hydrocortisone cream to the specific area to assist relieves the itching. The hydrocortisone cream is also available for buying online.
  • You can also apply the cool and wet compress to an affected area.
  • You should regularly take the lukewarm bath.
  • You can prefer to select the mild soaps without any perfumes or dyes and then use the unscented or gently laundry detergent while washing your clothes.


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