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How the raised itchy bumps are caused in the skin?


Raised itchy bumps on the skin are very common and also they are harmless until it gets so serious. They are mostly caused due to many conditions like illness, allergic effects, skin disorders or skin cancer. They vary in appearance based on the infections they are being caused and may be appear in the color of your skin or other different colors. It may be small or large in size; it gives itchiness all over the body. Depending on the infections, the hardness or the softness of the bumps can be noticed and some may be movable. Mostly this skin bumps needs no treatment and it will cure automatically. If it gets serious and makes you uncomfortable, you have to consult with your doctor.

Conditions that cause raised itchy bumps:

There are many reasons which causes raised itchy bumps to affect your skin. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Acne
  • Cold sore
  • Corns and calluses
  • Skin tags
  • Nodule
  • Impetigo

Acne – This type of bumps mainly cause on the area around the upper back side of your body. This is caused by breakouts of the skin which is being serene of blackheads, pimples or painful cysts and nodules. Acne sores normally occur on the neck, face, back, shoulders and chest.

Cold sore – Cold sore is a red colored bump which causes more pain and it mostly appears near the mouth and the lips. The affected area often tingles and burn before the sore is being visible.

Corns and calluses – This is a small round circle which causes more pain around the area it has appeared. It has a horn like central area which cause harness to the tissue. It is mostly caused due to the friction and pressure.

Skin tags – It appears mostly the same color of your skin and this will grow outside the skin which may get up to half an inch long in size. This is mostly caused due to friction and it is commonly found around the neck area, armpits, breasts, groin, stomach or the eyelids. This will not cause more itchiness when compared to other bumps but it will make you feel uncomfortable.

Nodule – This grows from small size to medium size which is being filled with the tissue, fluid or both. Usually this will be wider than the pimple and looks like a firm in your skin. Mostly this won’t harm but will cause distress if it gets pressed on the other places.

Impetigo – Impetigo mostly affects the babies and children and this rash is mostly located in the area around the mouth, chin and the nose. This will be more irritating and the fluid filled blisters which can pop easily in the skin and also forms a honey-colored crust.

These raised itchy bumps are caused in the area of the skin mostly because of the allergic symptoms. You can contact the doctor if the itchiness is prolonged but this won’t cause any serious health conditions.


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